Blog Update – March 6, 2021

Hello everyone, it has been months. 5 months since my last post, to be exact. Anyone who has been following along with for a long enough time will know that often, around the turn of the year, I my blog posts will sputter to a halt. Why is this? Usually it’s because that’s exam season, and then after I really struggle in the semester after new years. I think it’s been the last couple years that I’ve simply stopped posting during that time, and returned in the spring or summer after classes end for the summer.

Well, it seems this time around, I’m a little early. My last post was in October, not something more expected, like November or December. And, ironically, it was a post about changing schedules. I’m a little too nervous to go look at it now, but I can remember the key points of it. Basically, I wanted to move from a weekly schedule to a monthly+ schedule. Unfortunately, due to a personal crisis of sorts, instead it went from weekly to nothing! But since I’m doing a little better (not completely, but better), I figure it’s time to start putting things up here again.

Really, I don’t know how I feel about changing the schedule. I’m almost certain that I couldn’t go weekly right now. Like I said, semester 2 is always tough on me, even more so now that it’s all online. Apparently I’m a bit of a specially-oriented person. I like to have classes inside a room. At the same time, do I want to go weekly when summer starts? It might be a good idea. I’m really not sure. The previous “update” argued that focusing on one story/post per month would give me more time to go deep with whatever creative project I was working on. I really think that makes sense, quality over quality makes sense, especially in art.

But for now, I’m not sure. I don’t know. All I can tell you is that I have some work from my Creative Writing classes. It’s not all amazing, but some of the pieces are pretty good. Thus, I will be posting here or there. For now, there is no schedule. I have heaps of homework to get through. But since I do have some things already done, I will post them when I can.

Hope to see you then.

Daniel Triumph.

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