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The call is too strong. 
And where it isn't strong, it's loud. 
And where it isn't loud, it's subtle. 


The Book

They studied the item for decades. A sacred order formed to explore its secrets.

And then one day, an exile returned to the city, revealed a key, and unlocked it.

No one had considered it may be a lock. They hadn’t even started developing a key.


After taking Canadian Literature and learning that back in the day Canadians wanted to be the new centre of the British Empire, I refer to this often in my twitter conversations.

Primarily when people complain about Trump. Yes. Complain. Increase the political polarization. Then, in your time of weakness, Canada will invade and make you part of the Empire once again.

We have the Queen on our money.
It’s great.


Proverbs of Hell

(As made famous by William Blake)

The presence of detail is not the same as attention to detail.

Science can afford to be eclectic.
Ethics cannot.

The problem of evil
Is problem of ignorance,
A problem of perspective.

Cruel eyes come from those who want to make a stand,
And those who want to hide cowardice. Often both.

The answer is often many answers.

Assumptions limit development.
The answer is often many answers.

Critical theory encourages shortcuts; intellectual laziness.
Structuralism will occur naturally if left unexplored.
This is not a warning. It is a threat.

Once you get good at avoiding the little things,
You can move on to avoiding the important things.

Broad strokes cut deep.

Cruel eyes come from those who wish to make a stand,
And those who hide their cowardice.

Come as you are,
blood on the streets,
the children playing through the dead

And my body glows.


Daniel Triumph

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