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Wallace Solaris Ceramar

06-13-17-lupin-photo.jpgWallace was once the Bel-Air Frinch Press’s biggest competition. After the Frinch Press and Wallace’s Absolute Magazine merged, Wallace became Sill With’s apprentice. Wallace Solaris Ceremar married Lunesca September shortly after, and they reopened a newspaper under the Absolute brand, this time as a subsidiary of the Frinch Press.

Lunesca Solaris September

07.26.17 Chloe UndersideLunesca is a full time author. She prefers fiction, writing romance, historical and political fiction. Often all in the same piece. She became the chief editor of Absolute press and says that her grammar and therefore overall writing skill has improved as a result. It is expected that Lunesca will one day step down to return to full time writing. Lunesca has started experimenting with speculative and science fiction, and is having a lot of fun with her research. Married to Wallace Ceramar.

Sill With

Sill With and Wallace co-own the Frinch Press as equal partners. Sill With is an energetic investigative journalist who is always looking for a story. He is occasionally featured as a guest writer on Absolute, but usually writes for his own paper, Freedom Press.

DoP: 4016.07.36

Check out my debut article on Freedom Press.

The Goals of Absolute Press

While Freedom Press seeks new stories, and has a heavy focus on Journalism, Absolute Press focuses on learning deeper truths. We are a periodical, whereas Freedom Press publishes as often as possible, usually weekly.

Absolute Press is run by me, Wallace Solaris Ceramar, and edited by my wife Lunesca September. Yes, that’s the famous author Lunesca.

Absolute will be picking up my story on the Solune Royal family, as I’m certain there’s a lot more going on with them than they let on.

At Absolute Press we strive to find the deepest truths on the largest subjects. We intend to investigate and report on things that would affect the largest amount of people. A reader of Absolute will learn things about their own world that will fundamentally change their outlook on life.

Written by Wallace Solaris Ceramar.

Edited by Lunesca September

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