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  • Absolute Press – 4016.07.37

    Absolute Press – 4016.07.37

    Interview with Gwenhime Rhye When I arrived at the castle to interview Gwenhime, I was not greeted with warmth. Once we were seated in her office, I proceeded to hand my list of questions to her, and she proceeded to turn down all of them. This article should have information on the various conquests, strategies, […]

  • Absolute Press

    Publications and Articles 4016.07.37 (Gwenhime Interview) Staff Profiles Wallace Solaris Ceramar Wallace was once the Bel-Air Frinch Press’s biggest competition. After the Frinch Press and Wallace’s Absolute Magazine merged, Wallace became Sill With’s apprentice. Wallace Solaris Ceremar married Lunesca September shortly after, and they reopened a newspaper under the Absolute brand, this time as a […]