Progress: Alice and Finch Dusk Releases

In the spirit of Jab Jab, Right Hook (affiliate link) by Gary Vaynerchuck (Link to his YouTube) I decided that instead of holding onto the epilogue and releasing it as bonus content for the ebook release, I would simply release it all. More specifically, an early draft will be released, and at the end I will do a final draft and release the compilation.

What I mean by that is, instead of holding chapters back from the blog, I’m releasing it all. What you instead get for buying the coming ebook, is a more polished version of the same story. This way I give full value to blog readers, while still giving a (very) little extra to supporters.

The first epilogue, Alice and Finch: Primary Dusk, is already scheduled to release tomorrow, June 20!

Table of Contents: Alice and Finch

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