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The rising sun was visible through the three claustrophobically small prison windows. Janna was already wide awake by now, having been jarred from her sleep a few sixths prior. She was sitting on the floor near the bed where Drake still lay, a sleeping lump. Janna was staring at the door with her legs crossed. She was trying to keep her thoughts in focus.

My final trial is coming up today, Janna thought.

Janna had gone through many emotions as the trials went on. At first, she didn’t care much how many years she was put away. Her ageing was so slow that any amount of lockup would have been a trivially small fraction of her life. That now outdated line of thought went that she was tired of the hunt for her eldest brother, and could use a decade or two of rest.

But things had changed since she found out she was having a child. She was getting nauseous at times, and getting up in the morning had been a real chore, even thought she had awoken much earlier than normal. Probably out of anxiety, she mused. A lot was going to happen today.

First, she would have her final trial, and then after a break of undetermined and potentially stressful length, Janna would have her sentence length. As if that wasn’t enough, afterwards she would be sent up to the roof of the castle with her family to be announced as the next official heir, then promptly thrown in jail for a few annum. Being the heir didn’t mean that she would have to rule immediately. It only meant that after the King was done ruling or died, Janna would become the next king.

Janna opened her eyes. Still it was not the time for her session. She sighed impatiently and stood. She looked outside one of the windows on the wall opposite the door. The frames were reinforced. This was on a second story, and so she could see the mountains far off to the north, and much further, turned green by the atmosphere, she could see the kingdom walls. It was only a few long years ago that the King allowed for free traffic in and out of the kingdom. That’s when Janna had headed out on her quest to hunt down Zealott.

Bored, Janna drained her eyes and fired laszors out at the distant mountains. She turned, seeing only cloudy shapes as her irises and pupils were still drained down her face. She carefully pulled them back into her eyeballs as she sat on the ground once more.
She definitely needed not just a break, but also a more deliberate approach to finding Zealott. Janna’s worries changed now to her child. What would she do with the coming youth? Should she allow her child to come with her on this vendetta? That didn’t seem to be a good idea, and yet, she was sure that her child would end up joining them.

Then there was a knock. Janna stood and stared.

“Are you awake?” Natasha asked from the other side.

“I am,” Janna said.

She looked to Drake, still sleeping. She decided to leave him behind this time. She would face her fate alone.

Natasha opened the door, and Janna told her of this.

“Alright… I will send for Alice to bring her to the heiring ceremony though.” Natasha told her as they exited.

“That would be good.”

They walked slowly to the tower, the Law and Poetry Kingdom Hall, and as they walked, a chilling calm came over Janna. She felt a lump in her throat, and dark adrenaline sticking in her heart, and she prepared herself.

Experimenting with internal dialogue.

Table of Contents

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