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  • State of Fear: Preposterous Thriller, or Engaging Scientific Inquiry?

    I like what this book tried to do, which is confront the hard truths of a topic, and provide a second opinion backed up by (lots of) data. This is not a literary masterpiece, and there are lulls and weaknesses in character details, but overall it’s a bit of fun, and something to meditate on […]

  • Chloe’s Letter: Distress and Regimes

    To His Serene Reigning Majesty, King of the Solune, Oh father, what will I do? Father, I hope this letter reaches you well. There is no conventional route directly between the Lussa City and and The Solune Kingdom. The conventional route is all the way around, to the Djeb and then across the desert. It […]

  • Ryann and Chloe Deliberate on Kings

    Or simply, “On Kings.” Formatted like a classical dialogue. Ryann: Yes, ultimately we’re in a struggle for control of the City-State. There have always been plots against the throne, both external and internal, from enemies of the monarch and from family. Chloe: From family? Ryann: From those cousins and siblings and so on who sought […]

  • Reflect Deflex

    Honestly, I have no idea what this is about. It’s vaguely political for sure. Maybe you can have a go at it, as Northrop Frye says: The poet is not the ultimate judge of his art. (Though he can put on the “critic hat” so to speak, and become one of the many critics for […]

  • Dialect(ic)

    Happy Halloween, here’s a terrifying thought…! Upon my podium, as the Know it all scholar Down in my seat of judgment Gavel’s bang, uphold the law Up on my soapbox, a leader Out to change the world Down in my pulpit as the holier-than-thou, could-be-messenger of God! — “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” (1990) Man […]

  • Modern Art

    By Satan, the most beautiful angel. I see the weakness in society, and I laugh and I circle And every year I take a step closer and closer And I will ruin your world, no, and you’ll do it for me. And you will ruin your world, and Rome fell to androgyny. And I will […]

  • We are the Horseman

    I met a man in 1990, He told me, “Next thing you know, They take my thoughts away. I know what I said, now I must scream of the overdose And the lack of mercy killings” We met again in 1984, I met Big Brother for the first time A document was drafted, he said, […]