Modern Art

By Satan, the most beautiful angel.

I see the weakness in society, and I laugh and I circle
And every year I take a step closer and closer
And I will ruin your world, no, and you’ll do it for me.
And you will ruin your world, and Rome fell to androgyny.
And I will ruin your world, homophobic, and anti-contraceptive
And I will scream and I’ll shout and you will hate and denounce.

The barbarians circle your lands HA HA HA, the conservatives, the men.
The barbarians circle your lands, and they will be mine.

And we will cut your power grids, and your families will rot
Where is the father? He’s run off somewhere, a selfish coward.
Marriage is dead.
Where is the mother? She is ashamed, taking money from the machine.
Parenthood dead.
And the young man, your son? Oh he is in jail!
Children lost.
And the young lady? Your daughter? She’s ashamed and ugly!
Victimhood culture.

I will bring the ruin, and I won’t even touch you.
You’re already killing yourselves, feel free though,
Have your gay babies, or children when your career is settled!
Oh, menopause; and married people work harder.
Shoot yourself in the foot and wonder what’s wrong there.
And women are angry, the system has failed. Baby rabies, and where is my child!

And so, one, two generations, who will be left?
It’s a shame that the satanic atheists will lose out to the
Open-to-life Catholics, but
Nothing like a zealot to spread fear and hate (right ISIS?)
You will die? No, but your children will.
You’re killing yourselves by denying them, still!

And you will ignore me, while LGBT+ children never come into existence.
And I will laugh at your hypocrisy, as you kill unborn babies
because you’re too weak.

I woo you with sex and love and passion,
What did they used to call it before? Lust, Greed, Pride?
Yes, ignore my from your pride. Hide behind your greed. And pretend
That Lust and Love are NOT the same thing (but they are.)

I kill half of all marriages. You kill the rest!
The only thing that kills a relationship faster than worthless sex
Is the love you fall into instead of your partier.
Of course you split up! You married him for his love, and love is not eternal!
But no, how could you even marry someone for who they are?
Just their love, their looks, their money; it’s all the same to me and you.

Satan works in mysterious ways. Intimacy is dead.
Have not children, live the “glorious” single life, or childless marriage.
Bear not thy cross, and then wonder why I nail you to it.

And use it to stab your society in the beating hearts of its never-born children.

Hatred and logic are a magical combination, no?

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Daniel Triumph.

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