It’s Finally Over And… (poem)

It’s finally over 
And I’m on my way home 

I would say it’s like the first time,Except that truly, it is not.‘Cause life is not a cliche,
Rather it’s like back in those days 
when I worked in a place 
where I came home before shops closed 

And before the sun set 
and the work was so close 
and I had so much time 
because the trip home was so short. 
That was more than a year ago, 
It was a different time. 
Although I’m in a similar situation 
And I wish it wasn’t so, 
I felt a bit of that optimism 
I think stemming from then 
when had I realized how much more time 
I had since I worked so close to home 
And though I work much much farther than way back, 
and I come home much much later as well, 
For some reason I feel a bit of the same optimism 
And I wonder 
If maybe, unlike that past optimism 
this optimism 
Is one for the future. 
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