The Fourth Schedule

I’m now going to be posting every Thursday at 11am. The Solune Prince will get a new chapter every second week (although I reserve the right to up it to weekly in the future.)

Schedule 4

We’ve been rocking the “Thursdays at 4pm” schedule for a few weeks now—18 weeks to be exact! Wow! Anyway, like I expected, there wasn’t much change on the numbers end of things.


Luckily this isn’t YouTube, so I can post my numbers out in the open like a proper transparent capitalist. Anyway, as you can see, the change that happened to the schedule in February didn’t have much of an overall effect. But, I have a couple more ideas up my sleeve! The first is where we’re headed now, the 11am upload schedule. Why? Catch people on their lunch breaks really. That’s it.

We’ll return in a few more months and see what happens. For now, let’s go over our previous thoughts.

Reasons Why This Might Work

  1. It’s not that big of a change from what I’ve already been doing since around November. [So, this ended up being true. There really was not much of a change.]
  2. I have about five posts in queue, two of which are ready to go without editing. (Although I intend to edit both.) There is a large buffer. [Ended up needing the queue, do to the treacherous moving I had to do over the summer.]
  3. Having schedules is actually good for the creative mind, to a certain extent. I’m not saying deadlines don’t constrain creativity, but I am arguing that without any planning, often creative people like myself don’t get anything done. [True. The deadlines were why Chapter 1 and 2 were so good.]
  4. Having a schedule is good for readers. You’ll know when a post is going to come out, all the time. So that’s cool. Maybe magazines and periodicals in the traditional world were on to something. [See, this is where it gets weird, I actually lost one of my most consistent fans (Miss you Frank!) over this time period, so I don’t know. 🙁 ]

Reasons Why This Might Not Work

Any good philosopher looks at counter arguments. (I’m not a good philosopher.)

  1. Thursday is a very full day for me. I have three classes, and it consistently drains me by the end of it. [This didn’t end up mattering. I intuitively adjusted and wrote for Wednesday.]
  2. People might not be reading (fiction) at 4pm on Thursdays. The weekend might be better. [I still think the weekend might be better. We’ll see around Christmas time! Until then, we’ll go with 11am.]

The Serial

Image result for the three musketeers book first editionEver since the beginning, literally the third story I ever posted here, I’ve been putting up serial novels. I really like them, for whatever reason, but then again so did great writers like Leo Tolstoy and Charles Dickens—and even good old Alexander Dumas!

I think I’ll have to make a post about my love for writing serial one of these days, but this one is about schedule, so not today! The Serial will be, at least for the next couple chapters, every second week. The reason is two-fold.

  1. I still like doing reviews and essays, and even other one-offs
  2. It gives me time to redraft, edit, and polish chapters.

The decision is really about quality of life for readers and also myself. The fact that The Solune Prince is promising to be a very long novel leads me to believe that there will be periods of time in which I publish it weekly, but for now, it’ll be bi-weekly! (Which means that next Thursday will be something else, but the Thursday after will be The Solune Prince, and so on alternating.)

Also, I’m planning on having a guest writer on soon, and I would love to have him on the main schedule!

New Conclusion

People who are interested in my work can find it very easily whenever they want, so hopefully this won’t change much. In fact, it’ll be even better because you’re getting posts five hours earlier! 😀

So, see you Thursdays at 11am!

Oh, and like usual, this is a minimum, not a limit!

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