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  • The Order of the Hammer

    The Order of the Hammer From which they taketh the gear, And from which he taketh the gold. For he will step silently among you, Though troublesome, not nearly as deadly as the one who taketh the gear, Who taketh the order, who taketh the builder And cover him over. My order, the old order, […]

  • An Argument for Symphonia and its theme.

    An Argument for Symphonia and its theme.

    This was a reply to a reddit post that essentially stated that Symphonia was a bad game. The poster argued his point by comparing it to other tales games, instead of judging it on its own terms. I enjoyed the critique, but found it deeply flawed. This argument contains some spoilers for the first third […]

  • Tales of Symphonia

    The next few days of my life will be a sort of strange vacation. Me and 1-2 friends will be playing Tales of Symphonia in its entirety. So, most of my blog posts will be like this, a simple stream or youtube video of us playing this game, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fW5WCpAwjI&feature=youtu.be&t=19m39s So, if anyone is interested in […]

  • Notes and Plans: Tales of Symphonia

    Notes and Plans: Tales of Symphonia

    Tales of Symphonia is my favourite video game of all time. It might also be my favourite narrative as well. Symphonia contains many twists, huge build up, a deep theme, and numerous culminating portions. There are large parts of the plot that I completely missed on my first and even second playthroughs. So, I’m starting […]