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  • Do You Strive for Mastery, or Simply to Write?

    What is one piece of advice that just doesn’t work for me? That it’s okay not to write every day. I experienced unfinished work, plummeted productivity and even quality. Robert A. Heinlein wrote constantly. Robert Heinlein was arguably one of the biggest names in science fiction of the 20th century. Heinlein published 32 novels, 59 […]

  • What do I do about Editing and Revision regarding Creative Writing?

    I have been consistently writing creatively since 2017, so as of writing this it’s been 6 years. The helpful answer is that I find that once I’m already editing I actually enjoy it, even if I resist starting. So the answer is to just start, and worry about liking it after. The more difficult answer […]

  • The Novel, Natasha

    Any aspiring writer probably has a novel they’re working on. I’m no different. Mine is currently under the codename Natasha. A frequent reader might recognize that name as the fifth prince of the Solune, Natasha Rhye, captain of the Murdock guard. That’s who I’m talking about. Natasha is actually an unusual character to write about. […]