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  • Categorization: An Unsound Guide to Characters [Part 1!]

    High Achieving Women Openness: 99th Percentile Chloe Rhye, GE Age 14-26 (Adjusted. True age: 830-990) Female, Solune, Incel/Married/Widowed. Apprentice Healer > Autodidactic Study > Liberal Arts BA > History BA > Mentor > Secondary Teacher > Military > Lawyer/Poet > Expedition Leader > Elsara > ? (Born year 3171 by the old calendar, around 16/800 […]

  • A Mess of Words on Chloe Rhye

    I’ve created a mass of characters, in a similar world building vein to Pratchett’s Discworld. But out of all of them, I think my current “favourites” are Alexandre Jutt (shadow), Yaska May Däwngale (who may be my anima) and Chloe Rhye. Chloe is essentially a genius, but also a complete ditz who stumbles over her […]

  • Alice and Finch: The Archetypal Recapitulation

    Alice and Finch: The Archetypal Recapitulation

    In this article, I write about Northrop Frye’s theory of myths and archetypes, specifically comedy, using my manuscript of Alice and Finch as a comparison and example. It may contain spoilers, but nothing I thing would ruin the experience of reading the novel. Nine months ago, I powered through the first chapter of a three-part […]

  • Of Value. (From the Journal of the Solune King)

    Of Value. (From the Journal of the Solune King)

    Second day and Fifth month of the 3998th year of the Solune standard calendar. As King and founder of this kingdom, I have done my part and earned the respect of my people. They revere me as leader, and are not so much unquestioning as they are disinterested in the way I rule. My children […]