Don’t be Late Again! A Review of “Late” by G. Pacie

This book feels like having a good chat with someone who, like you, always finds themselves running a little late. Except the author of this book has been working on the issue for years and have all sorts of insight.

So instead of imagining a chat at a cafe with another chronically late person, imagine that you’re having coffee with the author. She also loves research, and has a bunch of scientific and historical insights that can be verified and implemented.

That would be quite a coffee break!

And that’s exactly what the audiobook version feels like. A friendly chat with someone who understands the problems of lateness, and knows what they’re talking about too.

You could say it’s like having lunch with a friendly acquaintance, who also happens to have all the answers—and if not answers, then at least actionable, tested suggestions to help you with your lateness problems.

If you are chronically late, this is definitely a book for you.

I feel like now would be a good time to share an affiliate link, but I don’t have one. I’m a pro-bono fan of short little book!

Late by Grace G. Pacie may not cure everything, but it will send you many steps in the right direction. You’ll even get a little history lesson on how clocks became the universal method of keeping time, instead of the good old-fashioned watching of the sun and shadows.

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