Sharp Purgant Transition (2 of 2)

Nov 18

Part 2 of 2 (link to part 1)

She was probably intelligent; read fast and learned well.
She was stony around the edges, cold and silent when perturbed.
A problem in my life I never wanted to solve;
Fester the wound, reach for the salve.
Eat the edges, cut into flesh,
An energy source, and carnal and wild;
Oblivious and upbeat, beat down by the touch;

Touch never touch never touch never touch.
Always distant, never never.
Fortunately, cut away, you realized she was never truly a part of you.
Silent and weak, distant and afraid.
Hold onto the shame of your legacy,
Double down on insufferable abhorrent inclinations.
Shame shame, pass along the blame, shame shame.

Daniel Triumph.


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