Sharp Purgant Transition (1 of 2)

Raise your head, raise your face,
Oh tell me,
So you want deliverance that fourteen years couldn’t bring?
Do you want to bury all the evidence so far down?
Where will you be in seven years, eight, chet?
And did I work seven years for someone else?
(And yet would you alone not have been enough?)

It’s too late,
And did I not work seven years for someone else?
And how long has it been?
Only three.
And what in four? Would I really tell you?

That’s the time of phantom joining,
The rhetorical promise,
Will I ever taste you?
“Love’s a tide pool
Taste the water, life’s abundant…”


“Raise your head, raise your face,”
Ohoaahh tell me what is to come?

Have you ever touched in the dark,
Wraith across the seas and

And I saw her near the shore,
And she hadn’t followed me, but there was she,
Knees d(ee)amp in panic and water anxieties.
Thighs slight and wet and thin and red.
And her test is internal, as mine always is.

The cold will teach you lessons, my thread,
The water tastes like being taught,
Inhale it tastes like being caught.
Even when nose breathed,
Breathed into, given to soul of life.
And can you see the water around me?
See the powers surround me? But
You aren’t concerned with them because,
I can’t tell but perhaps because,
You are more concerned with me.

Where will we take us?
Can we ever shift?
Or will tomorrow bludgeon our hearts
Beyond repair…?

I worry more than the world can deliver.
Oh, what is to come?

And I’ll see you tomorrow.

Part 2 here

Daniel Triumph.


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