Over time
I have tried to overcome
And now I am overcome
with sloth or grief or something.
or nothing.

I’ve tried to overcome…or have I,
Or was I overcome
with sloth or grief or something.
For what is life but seeking pleasure
Instead of seeking life.
Or short circuit life
By deciding pleasure
is life.

Then instead of overcoming passions
And pleasures to seek life,
I can overcome life to seek pleasure.
And so what is life in such a schema,
But something to be overcome,
Overcome and not lived?

And so Over time
I will have to Overcome
What has overcome me.

Daniel Triumph.

I was going to attribute this to Alexandre Dirge. Maybe it is in her voice to an extent. For now? It is perhaps unattributed.

I was hoping to write something a little more prosaic, and add to the Lussa City lore, but I ran out of time. This weekend, and the last, I have been…overcome.

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