Bite Poems

Most of these were made in December.

Her lace.
Burning demeanour
Forgotten ace.

You know, I’m coming to realize I’m a lot more sultry than I thought.

I’m one of those “path of most resistance” types.

I am so tired.
Bring down the sun.

Where has she gone? I would that she go safely…

If there are a million universes, my love,
Then we are together in most of them!

Where did she come from?

And she eases my spirit…

Is it almost too late now?
To turn back would require immense effort,

Not so much just the turning back but,
To begin anew would require the loss
of so much of you.

It is in my mind unacceptable.
And yet, tragedies find themselves in this position.
I will that it not be so.

If the confirmation is made,
If the lifelines are moved; —twisted;
Then my countenance will be; —shifted.
My life would be…
It may be: :lifted.

Just…hold on for a bit.
You’ll see.
You’ll wait and see.
You can see it, can’t you?

Maybe we will though.
Wait…and see!

Her fervour, zeal, zelo, is quieted in the cooling winds of winter. And yet, in the southern hemisphere the celebration of Saturnilia, the bringing of the sun during the Roman solstice, is eclipsed by summer heat. It is a quirk that she is cooled internally as I am chilled in the dark of winter.

Daniel Triumph.

The Solune Prince is on hold for now, as I figure out my situation. Hopefully aside from that, I’ll be able to come up with regular Thursday posts. We’ll see.

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