What “I’m Just Tired” Means for Some

It’s times like these I remember how depressed I am lol.

At least I know how to fight back but
It doesn’t help that it gets dark at 5pm here :/

Canada, the true North strong and dark. Lol.

I need some food.

You know, the most common thing I used to tell people in high school was “I’m just tired.” At least they used to ask back then.

In college, I just get strange looks. I really think like, I need to spend time with people or it gets worse.

University can be pretty isolating. And why is it so damn dark?

Why is it so hard to find a good woman who wants to marry young? Why do I feel so sick every morning when I wake up? Why am I letting my teeth rot out?

Why do we let Hollywood directors rape women and children? Aren’t we supposed to protect the weak? If #metoo taught me anything it’s that weak women make terrible whistle blowers. It’s time to inject society with good mothers and fathers who will raise ethical boys and girls.

Wake the sleeping giant, wake the beast.

Nuclear battlefields energize,
Cold wars are heating up again

See the source image
The System has Failed (2004)

We’re the New Hope Generation.

See the source image


Daniel Triumph.

Call me depressed.

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