The Curse of Sleep

The curse of sleep is found without.
The mind moves—
Legs caught in water—
Consciousness stifled— —
like molasses.

Wakefulness perpetuates itself,
Sweet like honey.
Keeping your brain,
not quite alive

go to sleep deadened,
wake the same.
Do I feel tired?

Do I even feel the feeling of feeling tired?

No, that feeling isn’t happened.
Behind the molasses.
Like a fly,
sit in sludge
made sick.
But still—

So, this one I’ve been holding onto and editing for a good month, but I figured now is the perfect time to release it. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, a 72 hour period, I had a solid 10.5 hours of sleep. I don’t know how I managed to complete all my assignments (I’ll be posting a couple of them here), and also go to (some) classes, but I did. Last night, despite waking up twice (why can’t I sleep?), I managed to sleep for 13 hours. So… fitting time to release this finally.

I still think there’s something wrong with it haha.

Daniel Triumph.

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