Don’t Tread on Me.

Don’t tread on me.
I don’t much appreciate it.

Don’t tread on me,
I’d rather be alone.

Human shoes
Horse’s shoes
Tires and

Can you not
How it all

A Worker fixes a crack
A Worker changes a stone.

They think they are helping
But when they come back,
They’ll do the unspeakable,
Foot based attack!

Don’t tread on me.

Quite possibly the dumbest poem I’ve ever written, content wise. At the very least, I like the use of rhythm. I make it very clear that I’m an amateur at poetry.

Daniel Triumph.


(Yes, this poem is about a complaining road, of all things. Judging by the presence of both horses and wheels (either car or bicycle), you could say it takes place around the late 1800s/ early 1900s.)

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