Kompendium of Man

See Also, the Encyclopædia Léxis Exígisi

This is an Compendium of Dawngale Characters. It will be updated as needed, and serves primarily as a public point of reference for myself. The Επιτομή των ανθρωπότητα (Compendium of Mankind) was written by Chloe Rhye, and exists within Dawngale as well as without.

Traits may be subject to change in the future as I retcon and adjust for consistency and improvement. Stars* denote areas that are to be filled in when the information needed becomes available. They also note names or titles that are placeholders. [Square brackets] indicate side notes. Treat them as footnotes.

The Kompendium of Aνθρωπότητα

This version of the Επιτομή των ανθρωπότητα is organized by family name of the female line first, then by place of birth for those that lack or do not identify with their family. The Royal and Servant families are prioritized.

Sur-Name (Label) Middle-Name Auxiliary-Name(s), Given-Name.

The Servants of Dawngale

Nature (Mother) Däwngale, Genisis.

Also known as the Servant of the Overside.

Nature (Father) Duskríde, Origin.

Also known as the Servant of the Underside.

The Children of Genisis and Origin a Nature.

Nature, Diasical.

Also known as the Servant of the Innerside. Also known as Newman, creator of the listwalkers.

Nature (Death),

Nature (Birth)

Nature (Conciousness)

Nature (Balance)

The Servants that have committed apothœsis.





The Apprentice Servants

Dawngale (Friendship) May Zeth, Alice.


See, “Children of Genisis Däwngale Nature.”

Rhye (Sovereignty)(The Solune King).

See, “The Solune Royal Family.”

Children of Genesis Dawngale Nature.

Däwngale Rheya May, Yaska

Yaska was the first solitary creation of Genesis, and she was possessed by her from the day Yaska left Village #4 to the day she defeated (Death).

Yaska is a Tier 1 being, meaning she is as powerful in body, mind, and spirit as Genesis and Origin. Yaska is the most physically powerful being in the universe, proven by her sudden surge of power after Genesis gave up possessing her.

Däwngale Maya, Reyla

Yaska’s older sister. She is of Djeben blood.

The Solune Royal Family

Rhye (Sovereignty)(The Solune King) “Mars”.

Mars Rhye founded the Solune Kingdom, and is of the first generation of Solune. He and most of his family are near-immortal. He is also the hero in “The Hero and the Star.”

Yaska, Chloe, and Marswere the only Dawngale characters that I made before creating the Dawngale world.

Rhye (The Conqueror)(Mistress), Gwenhime

Gwenhime was once a vicious, barbarian-like conqueror. Her husband rarely accompanied her conquests, and when he did the result was something akin to Napoleon’s exploits. She is the reason why most nearby kingdoms speak Solune, and use an imperial system of measurement. She conquered the Djeb and the East Metch Kingdom, and intends to conquer the north and south in the future. Because of this, she has been stripped of her power.

Gwenhime has no claims to the throne, and no will over it outside of advice to her husband, the King. Thus, she is a Mistress of the Kingdom, but not a Majesty.

Rhye Crystal (Majesty)(Mistress), Jealousy

The oldest child of Gwenhime and Mars. Occasionally swaps consciousnesses with herself either two years in the future or two years in the past.

Rhye, Zealott

Thought to be evil, and stripped of his Majesty. Left the kingdom.

Very close to Janna Rhye

Rhye (Magistrate)(Sir)(Majesty)(Mistress), Natasha

Ex-Captain of the Murdock City guard, and current Captain of all five guards. She also ran the Solune Agents for a time, but the King took the task back after he began to need them for diplomatic missions.

Magistrate Rhye has constructed a new set of laws, specifically around punishment and law enforcement. She created 27% of the current law, and modified 84% of the remainder.

Natasha is known for her loyalty to her kingdom, and her uncanny competence. She is also adept at managing complex systems, especially mathematical, temporal and navigational. This is what made her a prime Captain.

Natasha and Kain are twins.

Shinn Sootie (Mistress)(Magistrate) Rhye, Kain

Kain lives a peaceful life in the Sol-Metch State. He married a Djeben traveller named Isabelle Sent Sootie. When they married, he took her last name to avoid the attention of having a royal surname. They intend to have many children, but Isabelle has troubles child bearing. (The will still have many children regardless.)

Kain is also an ordained Magistrate like his sister. Kain as dropped Majesty from his titles, but he technically still retains its powers and respect.

Kain and Natasha are twins.

Rhye (Majesty)(Mistress)(King), Janna

Janna is the primary heir to the Solune throne. She has a violent temperament, but she grows out of in by the adjusted age of twenty-six.

Janna is attached to Drake.

Rhye, (Majesty) Drake

When they became each other’s protectors, Drake took Janna’s last name. He did not like his master Aeisticht, who was very selfish.

Attains the Majesty title upon Janna’s coronation.

Rhye (Master)(Majesty)(Lussa Princess)(Doctor)(Mistress) Yaska Duskríde, Chloe

Chloe is one of the most intelligent people on the planet. She is also brave, a trait that surprises even herself at times.

Chloe is quite beautiful, as is to be expected of a Prince. Chloe Rhye is two tiers of beauty higher than most other people, which is lucky for them as she is beyond compare, and therefore no one else is expected to look as stunning as she. (See tiers in the Lexis.)

The Riley Royal Family

Prince's Family2.jpg
Daniel Triumph, 2013

Rhye (Prince)(Doctor) “Pluto”,

Most often called Pluto, the Prince is married to Honor of Mother Nature. He is extremely devoted to his family, if only by accident. He met his wife in the northern wood, a dryad-like woman, and over many years courted her. After much effort, she fell for him, and abandoned even her own domain.

Pluto’s devotion to his wife has never wavered, and when they accidentally had their first child, that devotion changed from one to a woman, to devotion to his family.

Rhye Nature, Honor

Honor is the wife of Pluto. She was once a spirit, a child of mother nature’s, which is why she bears the name Nature. She left her domain out of her devotion to Pluto, effectively becoming a Fiend.

Rhye, Millie

Millie Rhye is the oldest and only daughter Pluto and Honor. She has some of the fiendish features of her mother, whiskers, a split cat’s-lip, and cat eyes.

Rhye, Gaul

Gaul Rhye is the youngest and only son of Pluto and Honor. He is very spirited.

The Other Rhye

??? Venus, Rhye

Venus is most often seen as Janna’s uncle. He is the older brother of Mars and Pluto, and has difficulties comprehending and applying morality. He is deeply interested in robotics and combustion engines, and also leads a large, neglected slave ring.

Lillith Duskride Rhye, Nature

Like Pluto, Venus found partnership with a spirit. Immortal beings tend to find each other, if given enough time. Lillith met Venus shortly after training Chloe Rhye in the art of sabre fencing.

They met on the battlefield and it was (and I know my fellow romance writers will hate this) love at first sight. He swiftly incapacitated her, and the met up after the conflict, in secret.

The Solune Legends

Yaska Rheya May Däwngale

Chloe Yaska Rhye

Janna Rhye

Drake Rhye

Salt Resz

The Gladius of the King

From the Legendary Event

Jin Resz Sing

Wallace Aura Ceramar

From the Wall of Bones Conflict

Natasha Rhye

From Duties to the Kingdom

(to be studied.)

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