Freedom Press’s first publication: Investigating the Scandalous Royal Family

DoP: 4016.07.22

If you were to investigate the Solune Royal family, you would find out many things that most people already know. Digging deeper will garner only anecdotes. If you wanted to learn anything of interest, second hand research will only present you with dead ends.

So, I decided to use first hand research. I talked to my wife about it first. I was about to interview members of the Royal family. Most people forget that if they weren’t royalty they would have only the following titles:

  • Warlord
  • Conqueror
  • Exile
  • Deserter
  • Dethroned
  • Criminal
  • Omni-Ace
  • Guard Captain

I’ll list them again, with names and Royal titles.

  • King Elham “Mars” Rhye, (Warlord)
  • Princess Gwenhime “Gwendalyn” Rhye (Conqueror)
  • Prince Crystal Jealousy Rhye (Exiled)
  • Prince Zealott Rhye (Deserter)
  • Prince Sir Natasha Glass Rhye (Poet, ex-Guard Captain)
  • Queen Kain Soote Rhye Shinn (Dethroned)
  • Prince Janna Rhye (Criminal)
  • Prince Chloe Yaska Ellis Rhye (Omni-Ace)

The key investigative targets will be the exiled Jealousy, the conqueror Gwenhime, and the Omni-Ace Chloe. For those unaware of what an Ace is, it is someone who has completed an eight to ten year degree in a subject, and are therefore an academic expert. Chloe is one of the five people I know of who have completed every single available degree. (The other two are Bradley Jeremy, Joss Resz, and Jin Resz Sing and Salt Sing Resz.)

So far I’ve only interviewed Sir Natasha Rhye. She is extremely protective of her family, and I gained no useful information. She will not crack under any investigative techniques, so it isn’t even worth trying. I will now move on to Gwenhime or Chloe, as they are in the same city, then I will search the wilderness for Jealousy.

Until next publication,

Wallace Aura Ceramar.


Update: 4016.07.23

Chloe was willing to talk to an outsider without appointment. I say outsider, because these people are Solune. I’m in the Solune Kingdom. Do you understand what I am not? That’s right, Freedom Press is run by a half-Metch, or half East-Metch, half N’Tariel.

Gwenhime claims that she has a long waiting list and has put me at the bottom of some list. I only have to wait half a year’s time! Only that!

Chloe asked that I give her a day to finish her current experiments, and I obliged. She seems very mild and noble, so this may end up being a pleasant interview.


Update: 4016.07.24
I’ve recorded, word for word my interview with Mistress Chloe Rhye. It’s entirely incredible and also entirely unreadable. I’ll have the formatting done and plates made tomorrow. Wax and acid are all well and good, but I think that we will find ourselves a proper printing press for this article. See you on 4016.07.25!

Wallace <3 !

Written by Wallace Solaris Ceramar.

Edited by Daniell T.A.

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