My Favourite YouTubers for Writing

Finding a YouTuber that will help you become a writer is very difficult. It took me two years, actually, but I finally found someone who gives real, specific advice, and who has decades of experience.

1. Michael Levin

His name is Michael Levin and books are his babies!


When I’m looking for information, be it writing or marketing or anything else, I want specifics. Anyone, even me, can give someone really good general advice. That’s why you hear it everywhere. But really, I don’t want general stuff, I’ve heard it all! I don’t want more!

Levin has videos for every step of the process, from before you start, to second draft, to selling your piece and more! Every single one of his videos has given me great info, some with specific steps. This is exactly what I want from a youtuber.

But don’t worry, I’ve got some more.

2. Ellen Brock

Ellen Brock was my go-to advice person before I found Levin. She’s an editor, so she has her hands in the field and has a lot of insider tips for how to get your manuscript into a publishable state.



She gives strong, specific advice, and generally explains things with more depth than Levin. Plus she’s pretty 🙂

Brock makes longer videos, and doesn’t cover as may topics as Levin, and that’s why she’s number two. They both do slightly different things, so I recommend check out both!

3. Kristen Martin

I just started watching her. She’s a lot less engaging than the other two, but some of her stuff is helpful. Martin, like myself, is fully employed, so that’s cool. I think she’s also self published, or inde published, and I’m looking into that myself.




She’s a very good speaker, but I don’t watch, or even plan to watch many of her videos.

Bonus Round, a Rant!

The YouTubers I do not care for are the ones I found while looking up good reasons to get an English / Creative Writing degree (one of my dreams). I’m not going to list names, but they aren’t hard to find on the tube. They’re in two camps.

Starry-Eyed Teens

Girls, or young women (and I mean only women. There were no men making this sort of video.) who are trying to justify their choice to go to school and go in debt for an arts degree. I was looking for good reasoning and I didn’t find any, they don’t seem to have any sort of plans or goals in life. Here’s a tip. Don’t go into debt for no reason. If you don’t know what to go to school for, check out the job markets and learn a trade. Millwrights are huge right now and starting wages are $25+/hour.

I too am a starry-eyed teen, but more like this kind 🙂


(Ellie Goulding Review here~!)

I want to start a business after my education, even if it’s just a one-person show. I need the skills in order to be as effective as humanly possible. These young people shy away from, and don’t bother to answer the questions of “What are you going to do with a Creative Writing degree?” The reason? Well, they never say, but I suppose it’s because they don’t know, and can’t justify their decision. Don’t be one of these people. Be smart, your future is in your hands.

Daniel Triumph.

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