What Next Will I Write?

I dumped a huge list of things I intend to write last week and now it’s mostly wrong. Instead, let me say this: I do have priorities, but they shift a lot. The only thing you can be sure of is that I will publish 3-5 chapters of my current primary serial every week, and 3-4 chapters of my secondary serial every month.

But like I said, I have priorities. Here’s a list of stories that need to be told.

What I Want to Write

This is an adjusted version of

  • Book 1 – Codename: The Solune Kingdom (The Legendary Event)
  • Book 2 – Codename: The Solune Prince (Chloe’s trip to the Underside)
  • Book 3 – Codename: Jin and Salt (The events from Jin’s birth to her reuniting with Salt in the Solune Kingdom)
  • Book 4 – The Chronicles of Hannah
  • Book 5 – Codename: Knighttime (The fall of the ancient East Metch Kingdom)
  • Book 6 – Codename: Sable (The trials and rise of the Servant of Music. Might be an Aside.)

Here are the stories that are almost certain to be serialized.

  • Aside 1 – Alice and Finch (First Draft – Publication)
  • Aside 2 – Evidence (Second Draft, Beta Reading, Final Draft)
  • Aside 3 – Codename: Natasha and the Djinn
  • Aside 4 – Jealousy’s Experiences

And here are the stories that will be written over the course of years, and are likely to be full and proper poet epics.

  • Epic 1 – Chloe, Janna, and [Male Character]’s Company
  • Epic 2 – The Fall of the Servants

Now, here’s the more important part.

What Next Will I Write?

The reason I’m thinking about this now is: Evidence is done, and Alice and Finch is almost finished, it’s on its last two chapters. (I’m far ahead of the blog, but I am almost done it). What I want to do is to start a third piece to fill Evidence’s hole in my schedule. Here are the primary candidates, but they aren’t in any real order.

Natasha and the Djinn (Aside 3)

I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time. Codename Natasha has been dormant for a long time, and I’ve even finished a manuscript. The manuscript is only the Setzer plotline, which is very short, and sort of boring. What I intend to do is the combine it with Jutt/Djinn’s story, as they are highly compatible. It will be great.

The Jutt/Djinn line is fresh and exciting, and I’m eager to sink my teeth into it. That’s why I think it might be next.

Jin and Salt (Book 3)

I’ve wanted to do this one for years. I even wrote part of the intro, it’s saved as a draft on this blog, about 600 words. I’m currently reading A Girl Named Disaster as research, as it’s a similar story to the first half of Jin’s tale. I don’t really know though. It might need some more time to brew.

The Solune Prince (Book 2)

This one has been swimming in my mind for years. I wrote about four chapters of it on my old blog, but it’s a huge mess. The story had a real comeback since I listened to Falter by Far From Reality. This is definitely a high candidate.

Here’s a sample. It didn’t perform very well as a blog post, but I don’t really care about that.

The Solune Prince (Preview)

The Chronicles of Hannah (Book 4/Aside 4)

An unlikely choice, but I’ve been getting interested in Hannah’s unusual life story. I might hit it up. Hannah was originally a play, the second full play I ever attempted. It was only ever about 1/4 done, but I really liked it.

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