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  • Table of Contents: Mariça

    Table of Contents: Mariça

    Mariça is a short story series about a young woman, old enough to hunt, who would much rather spend her time exploring the mountains in the north. This brings a bit of trouble to her village, since she isn’t bringing home much food, but it also brings a lot of trouble to her when she […]

  • Mariça (Final)

    <<First, <Prev Jolanin had explained very basically to Mariça that she had been captured because she had entered too deep into Shriken territory. Then she’d left Mariça in order to take the dead body to the council. Since then, Mariça had spent her time sitting in the room and trying to figure in her mind what […]

  • Mariça

    Part Four. (<Part One) “There was an external issue, thus the council felt itself forced to this decision. You are to be killed.” Marisa rubbed her eyes, “what?” The women looked at each other until Marisa’s mind registered what had been said. “No! I have to… I have to return to my village! I only […]

  • Mariça

    Generally what happens is they become selfish and single-mindedly focus on keeping themselves alive until they can become a Shriken, even at the expense of the people they know. They become tyrannical in order to cull resources.

  • Mariça

    “Days!” Marisa said, “days? You can’t keep me here for days!” “I will see what I can do for you, but the rest of the council will likely be slow to decide.” Jolanin pointed to the bed, “you can use that.”

  • Mariça

    Part One. Marisa wandered around the sands near the northern mountains. She knew the Shriken, people who could fly, lived there. Maybe she would run into one. She looked up the mountain, and then into the sky. It was getting dark, so she decided to return to her village. “Marisa, what did you catch?” Jan […]