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  • Drafting: Attempting a New First Chapter of TSP

    Recently, I began working more seriously with my novels. At present, I am revising and preparing The Solune Prince for indie publication. This is taking me a bit more work than I expected, and the reason is that the first draft of Book 1 of The Solune Prince had some issues. Don’t get me wrong, […]

  • The Young Spectator

    She peered around the doorway, through the entrance. The room was full, as it usually was at this time. Usually, no one noticed her. (Someone always noticed.) Would she learn about those things during her schooling? Possibly, but it would be in later years. They had started a few minutes ago, so the room’s attention […]

  • The Solune Prince: [Workshop I]

    A couple things before the piece starts. You can skip ahead if you just want to get to the narrative. First: This is a lightly edited sort of experiment. This piece projects itself into a much later chapter of The Solune Prince. Short background, the general concept is sort of a “coming of age” story […]