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  • Ryann and Chloe Deliberate on Kings

    Or simply, “On Kings.” Formatted like a classical dialogue. Ryann: Yes, ultimately we’re in a struggle for control of the City-State. There have always been plots against the throne, both external and internal, from enemies of the monarch and from family. Chloe: From family? Ryann: From those cousins and siblings and so on who sought […]

  • The Party Guest

    “Hey, thanks for showing up to the party! Sorry it’s not very exciting—oh, hang on, it looks like the mayonnaise has run out. Why don’t you sit here and talk to Joe until I come back? He’s really interesting.” “Sure.” He watched his friend leave, and then turned to Joe. “…So, your name is Joe? […]

  • The Solune Prince, Chloe Rhye, Liberal Arts Major, Age 800, IQ 188

    From my Facebook and Twitter profiles. Source Links: (1/x) "Really, I thought I was kind of stupid for my first century. I am not very concious of my physical position in spacetime—ah, the reason is a little strange. In a thirst for information my brain simply favours its attention on my surroundings. Especially when in […]

  • Who is Good Company? (A Dialogue)

    “So, Jin, what do you think about hunting in the north?” “I have no issue.” “Really? I would have expected you to be against it.” “Why?” “Well, didn’t you grow up in the woods? Maybe you know some of the creatures that we hunt,” Salt was beginning to feel stupid but he continued, “as friends […]