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  • Astore Lungeblade

    Grey Ooze part 1 link “Oh, so I’m being tested too? Shouldn’t I get an exemption though, since I’m already a Solune Agent?” Astore asked Janna. “Yeah, well, you’d think that, eh. But it turns out dad, er, the King wants to test you in a group combat environment. You’ve been working primarily as a […]

  • Grey Ooze

    Grey Ooze

    This is the second entry in the Dawngale RP Series. Foreword: Okay, cool, first time doing a foreword. So, this one will be a bit of a mess, but it’ll also be pretty awesome, and all the major loose ends get tied up too. So, for background, my first Dungeons and Dragons campaign was Edition […]

  • Resz Sickness I

    The first entry in the Dawngale RP Rewrites. Some call it Resz Sickness, after the month that it struck the capital. Where I come from, we call it death sickness, because it spreads around corpses, making people die faster.  When you become afflicted by it, you’re struck with accelerated death at the microscopic level. It causes you […]

  • Dawngale RP Overview

    This post serves as the general introduction to all the roleplay related content on the blog, and will likely be linked back to in the first few. I’ll do this in Frequently Asked Questions format. For a list of writings regarding the RPs check out the Roleplay category! What is “RP” When I say RP […]