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  • Woes of Publishing and How I had to Pivot this Website

    Over the last month, I made a realization that forced me (in many ways) to completely alter the way in which this blog is run. This realization resulted in a feeling of great loss. It reminds me of a portion in Steve Carell the film, Little Miss Sunshine, in which one of the protagonists, a […]

  • The Demo Tapes: Alice and Finch – Primary Dawn

    The Demo Tapes Part 2 Alice and Finch – Chapter 1: Primary Dawn Revised (v1) Portfolio Edition Copyright © 2018 by Daniel Triumph Ever since she appeared in the Solune capital, Alice was always a point of interest. During her childhood, she had passively garnered followers among children within the neighbourhood. Later, others from around […]

  • Portfolio. (v4.4a)

    [Alice and Finch ? Wavering✓ The Hero✓ Span✓ Djeb✓ Inck✓] Cover page for readers: This is only a fifteen page portfolio, double spaced (despite what it may seem). In fact it’s shorter than one might expect because poetry uses a lot of lines. The portfolio can be easily navigated using the navigation tools (ctrl + […]

  • Alice and Finch: The Archetypal Recapitulation

    Alice and Finch: The Archetypal Recapitulation

    In this article, I write about Northrop Frye’s theory of myths and archetypes, specifically comedy, using my manuscript of Alice and Finch as a comparison and example. It may contain spoilers, but nothing I thing would ruin the experience of reading the novel. Nine months ago, I powered through the first chapter of a three-part […]

  • Alice


    Table of Contents: Alice and Finch Alice is the sequel to Inck. This is been deemed “non canonical,” however it was an interesting exploration, and also yes, Plainkind lungs can do this. Alice looked at Inck for a long time, frozen, staring at the vacant expression of hope for many moments. And then, when she felt […]

  • Alice and Finch: Tertiary Dusk 1 of 2

    Secondary Dusk, Table of Contents On Secast, the first day of the weekend, Finch honoured his promise and met with Artus. He came to Finch’s house a few sixths after sunrise, and they headed south, to one of the public squares that was near the Conflict temple. He found himself enjoying their game of territory […]