Notes and Plans: Look into the Future 2

The last time I made one of these was May 31. As of that time, my plans were simply:

Since then, Alice and Finch has become the primary project, and both Evidence and stand-alones have taken a back seat. Dawngale RP stories is all but dead. You might see another, but for now, it’s on the backburner, as more of an item I’ll return to if I can’t think of anything else to write.

Now, my priorities have changed quite a bit. Here they are.

High Priority


Alice and Finch

  • Finish Alice and Finch’s first draft
  • Make a second draft of Alice and Finch
  • Get Alice and Finch to beta-readers
  • Create Alice and Finch art and cover.



  • Finish Evidence
  • Make a second draft of Evidence (and publish it on this blog as I go)
  • Compile Evidence into a self-published e-book and release it for sale here

CN: Natasha and The Solune Prince

  • Decide which to start and which to save for later. (Leaning towards CN:Natasha at the moment.)
  • Plan the chosen novel
  • Begin releasing it here as I have been with Evidence and Alice and Finch




  • Finish up with Harry Potter, as I have finished reading the series
    • Review of Deathly Hallows
    • Complete Overview
    • Books vs Movies
    • Character Review: Harry Potter
    • Character Review: Hermione Granger
    • Character Review: Luna Lovegood
  • Start reviewing The Chronicles Narnia
    • Each core book
    • Narnia vs Harry Potter
    • Each auxiliary book
    • Books vs BBC Serial
I own this, from my one year in University.


  • Highly likely that I will dive into the works of William Wordsworth, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, and especially Samuel Coleridge over the summer.



Yes, music reviews will be coming to the blog.

  • Judas Priest, and their most recent album
  • Megadeth, and their most recent album
  • Why Zedd is strictly better than Calvin Harris
  • Falling Up, album by album
  • Icon for Hire, and their themes
  • Bad metal, from meh to mediocre. (Van Canto, Otep, and Amaranthe)
  • All that I have listened to. (A history of music I’ve dived deeply into, from Weird Al to Rise Against to Judas Priest to Falling Up.)

Video Games


To be used sparingly.

  • Symphonia must be completed.
    • Considering dropping the overviews and moving on to real content.
  • Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (Blazing Sword) Narrative Review
  • Dragon Age: Origins Narrative Reveiw

Look into the Future

  • Make a third draft of Alice and Finch, then send it to an editor
  • Research publishing, with an eye on intellectual property and author rights. (As I have witnessed the horrors of the music industry, I am ever wary of my IP.)
  • Publish Alice and Finch, either in print or on my own. I refuse to publish digitally anywhere but on my blog. Although, I will make exceptions should an opportunity arise.
  • Work on CN: Natasha
  • Work on The Solune Prince

Cm2JMXlVYAUey_L (1).jpg

In Many Months

Image result for ??? profit meme

  • Plan out the Legendary Event
  • Write the Legendary Battle (The Solune Prince Vol. 2)
  • Write Searching for Venus
  • Finish my English Degree
  • Rise to Power
  • ???
  • Profit

It never hurts to be specific in planning, unless you are inflexible, which I am not, as you can tell from the stark changes from my previous Look into the Future post.

Daniel Triumph.

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